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If you want to ensure constant sources of orders, expand your business to exotic markets, or simply expand the group of your clients. It is worthwhile to outsource the search for business partners to an external company.
Our business consulting services are characterized by the highest level of commitment to providing added value for clients. We want to support our clients in making strategic decisions in the best possible way so that they can devote their time to developing their products and services.

When you will decide to do the market research, we will establish a selected team of 30 specialists working in ConQuest Consulting and the support of our over 250 network partners that are active in the full spectrum of various markets, industries, and specializations.

Our services support many clients in obtaining external financing, including EU programs. We provide consulting services in programs such as: Go to Brand, Grant 2.4.1

Why is the competitor’s product more popular on the local market? How to organize IT service in order to efficiently and safely carry out network distribution? How can you restructure your business to make it more profitable? Most of the entrepreneurs ask these and other questions. Business consulting provided by professional consulting companies will help to find answers to these questions.


What is a business consulting and who can benefit from it?


The concept of business consulting appeared in the Polish economy along with private entrepreneurship and the facilitation of setting up companies. The constant increase in the number of small and medium-sized enterprises, of which there are currently around 1.5 million in Poland, also means a dynamic growth of opponents. The more there are, the more difficult it is to stay in the market and beat your opponents.

The size of the demand for various products and services depends on the needs and financial possibilities of consumers. In many situations, sticking to a given production or service profile does not guarantee a chance of survival and it is necessary to re-branch or restructure. However, making such a decision requires knowledge of the local market situation and the ability to assess one’s chances.

Strategic consulting that is offered by ConQuest Consulting is professional support provided by specialists.
During years we have been gathering knowledge and experience and thanks to that we can draw conclusions from the analysis of the company’s situation and its prospects for further development. We also indicate the best solutions that will help you achieve success.


Business consulting may cover areas such as:


planning and transforming economic strategies,
the functioning of the company in terms of the law, team management,
company finances, financial analysis,
IT support,
accounting and taxes,
creating reports,
company image in the media.


Forms of strategic consulting


People that are specialized in the field of law, finance, management, or taxes can permanently support the entrepreneur or help to solve individual problems. Strategic consulting includes situations that are unprecedented or occur sporadically.
The entrepreneur usually does not have the knowledge or experience necessary to overcome such obstacles.

Companies such as ConQuest Consulting form teams of specialists in many fields who are distinguished by analytical skills and the ability to forecast. They are competent to correctly judge the situation and propose a course of action that will be the best for a specific company. Business consulting may also include solving repetitive problems that happen cyclically (e.g. the need for seasonal workers for fruit picking or an increase in fuel prices).

Strategic consulting – planning a market strategy


The concept of strategy is often associated with military activities. However, it has made its own way into the business world for a reason. The modern market is a great battlefield for competitive advantage in winning customers. Therefore, planning a business strategy is an important element of the company’s operation.

Strategic consulting serives provided by ConQuest Consulting helps in creating a company development scheme that will allow it to adapt to the pace of changes on the market, and at the same time ensure the achievement of the goal. The ultimate goal of the company’s strategy is to maximize profits that will be achieved by regularly improving its form and eliminating weaknesses. Experienced experts from a consulting company will help you with demonstrating and planning improving actions.
ConQuest Consulting provides business strategy consulting prepared by an experienced team and many external experts. Thanks to their support, entrepreneurs can make strategic decisions that will allow them to conquer distant foreign markets, expand the group of clients, and establish permanent cooperation with customers or business partners.