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If you want to ensure constant sources of orders, expand your business to exotic markets, or simply expand the group of your clients. It is worthwhile to outsource the search for business partners to an external company.
Since the effective search for business partners can only be carried out by a qualified team that is supported by representatives who are specialized in target markets, then a step-by-step approach to searching for partners, implemented using the step-by-step method of the contact funnel, ensures high responsiveness and efficiency with limited financial resources.

When you will decide to do the market research, we will establish a selected team of 30 specialists working in ConQuest Consulting and the support of our over 250 network partners that are active in the full spectrum of various markets, industries, and specializations.

Our services support many clients in obtaining external financing, including EU programs. We provide consulting services in programs such as: Go to Brand, Grant 2.4.1


tick Searching for business partners Creating a map of partners meeting the principal’s criteria along with an assessment of

their potential and competences, as well as the conditions of cooperation


tick Searching for business partners Identification of the needs and expectations of potential partners on specific markets


tick Searching for business partners Obtaining an image of the business practice in each of the target markets and creating

a contact database of potential partners that meets the Principal’s requirements


tick Searching for business partners Conducting a cold mailing/calling campaign based on potential partners


tick Searching for business partners Providing information and contact details to companies that are willing to cooperate


tick Searching for business partners Arranging meetings between business partners interested in cooperation and the customer

One of the ways of running a business is cooperating with other economic entities. It can be on the trail on many levels, starting from designing, through production and supply of raw materials to the distribution of finished products.
Searching for business partners requires considering many aspects, thanks to which it will be possible to guarantee the greatest benefit.

Benefits of cooperation with a business partner

Before an entrepreneur signs a contract with a potential partner, he should consider the effects of such cooperation. A missguided choice can be unprofitable and will be beneficial for only one side.

Therefore, the decision should be made after a careful analysis of the financial condition and position of the selected candidate on the market, as well as their capabilities and needs.
On the other hand, a business partnership is a very profitable solution that allows you to significantly reduce production costs or expand the range of services.
This is since the selected company may have an expensive machine park, patents, a group of specialists or a well-equipped transport base. By bringing these elements to cooperation, it eliminates the need to purchase expensive equipment or staff training.
Partners matching – searching for business partners, is now appreciated by many entrepreneurs. However, choosing the first company with a specific profile is not enough to establish beneficial cooperation. That is the reason why it is worth using professional consulting services that will significantly increase the chances of finding the right partner.

Partners matching – what is it about?

The first step to establish a business or commercial cooperation is deciding that there is a need for a partnership. It is especially beneficial for small companies that do not have the potential to manufacture a given product from the beginning till the end. Such activities also apply in the service field.

Finding a trade or business partner is a four-step process. Determining the company’s own needs – this is the first stage, that is about analyzing the possibilities of your factory and finding those areas that require support. It can be a machine park, technology or a cheap intermediate product. Defining needs also means analyzing the company’s development opportunities, e.g. by launching a new production line or providing an additional service.
Creating a list of potential partners – partners matching requires gathering a larger number of potential candidates that will enable you to compare them and choose the best candidate. Preparing an offer – this is one of the most difficult stages, because it requires the creation of a document that will not only interest the potential recipient, but also provide him necessary information. In creating such an offer not only reliability, comprehensiveness, indication of mutual benefits are important, but also the layout of the content and language.

The dangers of searching for business partners

One of the mistakes that entrepreneurs make when they decide to cooperate is underestimating the process of acquiring new partners. The consequences can be unpredictable, including bankruptcy. To increase your chances, it is worth using the professional support of ConQuest Consulting.

Thanks to a wide range of experts, searching for trade and business partners will not only be easier, but also more efficient. Guided by knowledge and experience, we use the contact funnel method in practice, thanks to which we achieve the best and proven results.

Lead generation – an innovative method of acquiring new customers and business partners!


Lead generation is an automated process of using suitable tools in order to mass contact people from a selected, attractive for the client target group. The tool works by establishing contact through the LinkedIn platform, which allows you to reach decision makers faster and easier!

How do we define a lead acquired by this method? A lead can be defined as a person or a company that shows initial interest in a particular service or product offered by your company. Campaigns conducted by ConQuest Consulting on the basis of many years of experience allow you to reach large, personalized target groups selected based on the needs of our customers.

During your free consultation, we will introduce you to our lead generation processes that effectively support sales processes in companies and lead to increased sales. As part of our services, we can offer you activities in the areas of:

  • – Social media platforms (LinkedIn)
  • – Creating a valuable network of contacts based on your guidelines

The Lead Generation campaign conducted by ConQuest Consulting is based on six steps:

  1. 1.  Identification of campaign targets depending on our client’s needs,
  2. 2. In-depth analysis and specification of the target group that is most likely to be interested in services or products offered by your company
  3. 3. Selection of appropriate campaign parameters in order to reach a specific target group,
  4. 4. Launching the Lead Generation campaign,
  5. 5. Ongoing optimization of the campaign and conducting the first contact with the target group,
  6. 6. Systematic updating of the status of the project work carried out by our consultants.

Why Lead Generation?

  1. 1.  Acquiring leads provides companies with a number of invaluable benefits such as:
  2. 2. Increased effectiveness of sales and marketing activities
  3. 3. Optimisation of sales and marketing time and costs
  4. 4. Building brand awareness
  5. 5. Establishing relationships with people potentially interested in a service or product
  6. 6. Increase in sales of solutions offered by the company

Comparison of lead generation with the traditional method

Lead Generation offers a number of advantages over traditional methods of acquiring business partners or customers. The table below shows the most important ones:

Traditional Partners Matching

Lead Generation

Contact through company secretariats

Direct contact to decision makers

High effort (100:10:1 funnel)

Automated contact up to 100 invitations per day and up to 300 follow-up messages per day

A time-consuming process

Automated and personalized process (messages tailored to the customer)

Generalized process (similar approach for each prospect)

An end-to-end process (initially an automated campaign on its own, manual response and ongoing contact by a consultant in later phases)

Process hindered during COVID pandemic

Process facilitated during COVID pandemic (more responsive prospects when talking through LinkedIn)