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Are you planning to enter the market with a new product or service, but do not know what consumer requirements to meet? Lack of knowledge in which direction to direct your business? Need to look at the business from a new angle? Before deciding on the way of development, you should get to know the market you are interested in from the customer’s side!

Both on the Polish and foreign market an important element of developing a strategy is to adapt your offer to consumers. The basis for understanding trends on the market is a detailed analysis of customer behavior in different contexts. Analyses may be of a qualitative nature (allowing a thorough analysis of a specific phenomenon) or of a quantitative nature (percentage or numerical scale of a phenomenon, identification of trends).


Quantitative research

Quantitative research is directed at the size and scale of certain phenomena, which are usually conducted on large research samples. The most characteristic question that quantitative research answers is “how many?”, e.g:

– What proportion of people in the sample group find the product interesting?

– What proportion of people in the surveyed group prefers our product or services over those offered by our competitors?

– What should be improved in order to increase sales in the surveyed group?

– How many people in the target group recognize the brand?

We are able to answer these and many other questions using quantitative research. It will allow us to examine how often a given phenomenon occurs among the research sample and the obtained results will be analyzed and interpreted by experienced ConQuest Consulting team. The results are presented in the form of a report that contains not only the research results, but also recommendations for the client.

On the basis of analysis of quantitative research conducted on representative target groups we can estimate for example:

– Attractiveness of the product or service in comparison to competition,

– Consumer preferences regarding the product or service,

– Frequency of occurrence of a specific phenomenon in the target group,

– Timeliness of the market information possessed by the customer,

– Percentage of customers who feel attached to a given brand.

The form of research is selected individually to customer requirements, in close cooperation at the initial stages of the project. The basic factors that need to be defined are: the type of research to be conducted, its objectives and the client’s needs and preferences. We offer research using four main channels of communication: electronic, telephone, postal or direct. Reliable research is carried out using such methods as: CAWI online surveys, direct interviews, surveys or CATI telephone interviews.

The stages of conducting quantitative research by ConQuest Consulting:

  1. defining the purpose of the research tailored to the client’s needs,

2) Selection of research sample, in order to best reflect the real situation on the researched markets,

  1. conducting reliable research with the use of precise tools for data collection
  2. in-depth analysis and interpretation of research results
  3. presentation of results in a numerical and descriptive form
  4. preparation of the final research report in a form accessible to the client

Qualitative research

Qualitative research is directed towards an in-depth study of the phenomenon of interest. This activity is focused not on defining numerical parameters, as it is the case with quantitative research, but on characterizing the studied phenomenon or research object. Qualitative research allows us to determine the expectations of an individual, allows for a deeper and more detailed understanding of the motives of behavior and its.

Our activities allow for in-depth analysis of the problem, which may significantly affect the overall activity of our clients’ companies. The use of research techniques allows us to understand specific phenomena, or trends in target markets, which allows us to optimize the operation of the company. The characteristic questions that are asked to small research samples are “how?”, “what?”, “where?” and “why?”, e.g:

– Why do you prefer our product over our competitors’ offerings?

– What was the key factor influencing your choice?

– What are the trends in the market you are interested in?

– What is the level of satisfaction with products and services?

During qualitative research we give respondents a lot of freedom in expressing their opinions. This not only allows us to learn in-depth and unique feelings and information about the product or service, but often also makes it possible to draw attention to previously ignored problems.

By using the full potential of qualitative research, we are able to discover:

– Market niches,

– Feelings, opinions and motives of the target group,

– Experts’ opinions on the topics of our interest,

– Quality level of customer service at points of sale

– Shaping trends on the target market,

– Factors affecting success in the company,

– Level of own services in relation to competitors,

– Market reactions to a new product,

Qualitative research, analogous to quantitative research, can be carried out in many different ways, the appropriate selection of which will allow the most effective meeting of customer expectations. In order to achieve the best possible results we can guarantee professional in-depth individual interviews (IDI) or telephone interviews (TDI).

The stages of conducting quantitative research by ConQuest Consulting:

  1. Defining the purpose of the research tailored to the client’s needs,

2) Definition of research tools and methodology

  1. selection of research sample adjusted to the research. 4,
  2. implementation of the study
  3. in-depth analysis and interpretation of results
  4. drawing conclusions and presenting results in the form of a report adjusted to the client’s preferences

Each method – both qualitative and quantitative research – has its unique advantages. Certainly the most effective and efficient way of market research is a skillful combination of both methods, however, there is not always such a need. ConQuest Consulting team during free consultations will make every effort to determine which method will bring the best results to meet your needs!



We have completed over 75 projects in qualitative and quantitative research services. ConQuest Consulting’s experience in similar projects combined with our dedicated team and group of experts will give your company an in-depth understanding of your target market!

If you want to learn how your company can effectively use the potential of quantitative and qualitative research, contact us and arrange a free consultation.