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Every business, sooner or later, may face the necessity of external support. For this purpose, it is worth using the assistance of a partner specializing in consulting on a global scale.
Our services are fundamentally based on cooperation. We help our clients to better understand the business mechanisms ruling their industry. Thanks to our experience, we provide extensive knowledge about prospective markets and key competition.

When you will decide to do the market research , we will establish a selected team of 30 specialists working in ConQuest Consulting and the support of our over 250 network partners that that are active in the full spectrum of various markets, industries and specializations.


Our services support many clients in obtaining external financing, including EU programs. We provide consulting services in programs such as: Go to Brand, Grant 2.4.1


tick Market analysis Contact with public institutions and industry associations in the target country


tick Market analysis Desk Research that covers the analysis of public and commercial databases


tick Market analysis Conducting expert interviews with specialists from the target industry


tick Market analysis Quantitative research (CATI, CAWI) to verify the preferences of recipients of the service/product


tick Market analysis Acquiring information about the market in terms of estimated size and structure as well as development barriers


tick Market analysis Identification of trends and market methods in the surveyed sector


tick Market analysis Identifying the opportunities and risks connected with entering a given market


tick Market analysis Providing specific information about recipient preferences


tick Market analysis Understanding the factors that create demand/supply in the target market

A modern entrepreneur needs not only a good idea and initial capital to achieve success. In the modern world of business, it is also necessary to meet the requirements imposed by the specificity of the market and competition. If we want the undertaken actions to be appropriate and to lead to the development of the enterprise, it is necessary to take into account the principles of the functioning of the market. They boil down to a series of processes and phenomena along with the reasons for their occurrence. Information about them can be provided by market research that is conducted by a professional consulting company.

Market research – providing reliable information

The publicly available information and advertising provide data that does not always correspond to reality. Following them when making strategic business decisions can lead to a reduction in the efficiency of the company’s operations. To avoid such a situation, it is worth using market research. One of its elements is Market Analysis which shows the current market situation and helps to choose the most favorable ones. Marketing researches also provide information which forms of advertising are the best to use to provide the greatest number of customers. On the other hand, estimating the size and structure of the market as well as development barriers is necessary to plan the company’s expansion perspective. When you will decide to do market research with ConQuest Consulting, you will receive reliable data based on which you can take further actions in the field of investment or expansion or change of the production profile.

Purposes of market research

Market research aims to obtain a wide range of information that covers all aspects of a company’s operation and may affect its operation. Collecting this kind of information requires the involvement of many experts from various fields of economics, management, and marketing. In each field are carried out quantitative and qualitative research, Desk Research and expert interviews, which: define the needs of recipients (demand-supply), indicate the target group of recipients of given products, define the size and nature of competition, enable simulation of market reaction to the product, expose market niches Market research can be carried out in a comprehensive manner or a narrow area, such as competitive analysis or trend identification. In that respect, they are divided into exploratory, test, brand, and price research.

Methods used in market research

Market analysis can be original and derivative. In the first case, the basis to formulate conclusions are data collected directly for the needs of a specific study. ConQuest Consulting specializes in such an analysis. The second group relates to generally available information (e.g. GUS reports), that do not always correspond to the most up-to-date data. Analyzes can also be qualitative (allow for a precise analysis of a specific phenomenon) or quantitative (percentage or numerical scale of the phenomenon, identification of trends). Reliable and comprehensive market research with ConQuest Consulting requires not only specialist knowledge in various fields but also commitment and professionalism. ConQuest Consulting meets all these conditions. When we undertake cooperation with a client, we engage – the company’s employees and a wide group of external experts. Thanks to the involvement of representatives of various industries, we guarantee reliable analysis and development of conclusions for each company and each market, regardless of its specificity. We perform tasks such as SWOT analysis, competition analysis, estimating the size and structure of the market and development barriers, desk research, quantitative and qualitative research. Thanks to us, entrepreneurs can better understand market mechanisms and plan the future of the company more effectively.