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Projects, that we are carrying out


Are you planning to discover new markets, do you want to diversify your company’s operations, or maybe you are a beneficiary of the Go to Brand grant? Before you decide what direction and method of development you want to implement, you should find out more about the market’s environment.
As part of the survey, your company will receive information on the structure of the market and its trends. In addition, we will show you the most efficient methods and tools for the development of your business in new areas.

What can we offer?

tick EU grants Market analysis,

tick EU grants Competition analysis,

tick EU grants Export strategy,

tick EU grants Marketing strategy,

These are just examples of the services we can provide for you. Advisory service as one of the ways of using the funds from the co-financing as part of the list of projects selected for co-financing under sub-measure 3.3.3 of the SG OP Supporting SMEs in the promotion of product brands – Go to Brand, published by PARP, is the basis for planning further brand promotional activities!

Why ConQuest Consulting?

We have completed over 30 projects as part of Go to Brand co-financing services. We have prepared export strategies, including markets such as the UAE, USA, Russia, Norway, or Turkey, that are one of the most popular destinations reported in applications for Go to Brand funding. Projects implemented by ConQuest Consulting involved most of the industries covered by the mentioned grant:

tick EU grants Biotechnology and pharmaceuticals,

tick EU grants  Construction and finishing of buildings,

tick EU grants Auto and aviation parts,

tick EU grants Machines and devices,

tick EU grants Polish fashion,

tick EU grants  IT/ICT,

tick EU grantsYachts and recreational boats,

tick EU grants Polish nutritional specialties,

tick EU grants Medical equipment,

tick EU grants Cosmetics industry,

tick EU grants Furniture industry,

tick EU grants Pro-health services industry.

ConQuest Consulting’s experience in the implementation of Go to Brand projects which is combined with a committed team and a group of experts will allow your company to effectively use the funds from the Go to Brand grant and allocate them to actions that will contribute to the brand’s success!

If you want to find out how your company can successfully enter the foreign market, contact us and plan a free consultation.


If you want to introduce an innovative product, you should find out what the target market and its participants look like. Additionally, risk assessment and development of an innovation strategy will allow us to prepare a usefulness study with a complete business plan, which will include the next technical, organizational, financial, and legal steps that will lead to the effective implementation of an innovative project.

We have implemented over 100 export strategies, including: