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tick Employee outsourcing Are you developing your company’s activity and you notice new tasks that appear in the company?

tick Employee outsourcing In the operational activities of the company, are there any performed only in specific periods of the year?

tick Employee outsourcingThe COVID-19 pandemic forced you to reduce your staff while the rest of them are unable to complete all tasks?

tick Employee outsourcing Are you looking for support that will relieve some of your employees?

Employee outsourcing is a solution to each of the issues. It is also called employee leasing. Thanks to that you can temporarily hire experts to perform specific tasks in your company. ConQuest Consulting offers the mentioned model of cooperation!

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ConQuest Consulting specialists will support your company’s activities in administrative and office activities, as well as in more specialized ones. The broad competences of our employees will certainly fit into the specific needs of your company. Our experts will deal with service:

  • ●  CRM systems,

  • ●  databases,

  • ●  current operational tasks,

  • ●  sales and marketing activities,

  • ●  performing primary tests,

  • ●  analysis of secondary data.

    These are just examples of activities that our partners asked us about as a part of the outsourcing service. Professionalism, flexible working hours, and immediate availability of employees are just some of the benefits. Tell us what you need and we will tell you how we can help you!


Outsourcing is an increasingly popular model of cooperation. Hiring employees is associated

primarily with economical benefits. There is no need to carry out a complicated recruitment process, provide all benefits and introduce all company structures.
Employee outsourcing is often connected with specific tasks that are carried out by specialists. The payment of such an employee is classified as a variable cost, not a fixed cost in a given enterprise, which is an additional benefit for employers! Let us help you reduce operating costs and increase the efficiency of your business processes!

Sometimes the tasks in the company do not match the competences of the employees. Outsourcing an employee is a good solution to this specific task, thanks to that the rest of the staff can perform their original duties with the appropriate commitment, devoting the necessary amount of time, with the same level of quality.
The ongoing challenges are extremely time-consuming and require quick implementation. The outsourcing of employees is a suitable solution, which involves the loan of a specialized person for a specific task.
Employee outsourcing that is offered by ConQuest Consulting will allow your company to develop fast without generating unnecessary costs. We will help you carry out all tasks in your company! Write to us, we will prepare a personalized, free offer for you!