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How ConQuest Consulting can help your company during COVID-19 pandemic

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is changing not only the global economic reality but also the entire business environment.
ConQuest Consulting adjusts offered services to the current market realities, and above all, to the needs of clients. Find out about the additional benefits of our services in the light of the coronavirus pandemic right here!

COVID-19, and market analysis

Find out how the market segment in which you operate has changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and how the mechanisms that determine market behavior have changed and what changes they may cause in the future. We will show you how trends are currently shaping the market in which you operate and how the introduced legislative innovations affect the market environment. We will check if there are any new entry barriers. Of course, we do not forget about the demand side of the market. Find out how your consumers’ behavior has changed and how it will change in the future!

COVID-19, and competition analysis

If you are wondering what actions have been taken by competitors to deal with the effects of the coronavirus, diligent analysis of the competition will dispel your doubts. Find out who is successful, who has shut down, and how COVID-19 has affected your competitors’ sales and financial results. We will analyze the marketing activities used by the competition and their effectiveness. On this basis, we will provide you recommendations that will help you stay ahead of your competition!

Our services support many clients in obtaining external financing, including EU programs. We provide consulting services in programs such as:

Go to Brand, Grant 2.4.1

COVID-19, and cost optimization

The financial problems of companies caused by the coronavirus pandemic have affected many enterprises, particularly those from the SME sector. ConQuest Consulting will help you analyze your company’s current financial situation. We will prepare a plan that implementation will reduce costs and increase your company’s revenues. We will offer recommendations, thanks to which you will find alternative solutions to the currently used, sometimes very expensive activities. COVID-19 has moved business processes to online channels. If you need support in finding and implementing such solutions, write to us.

COVID-19, and searching for business partners

By establishing new business partnerships, you will increase your sales and gain a new source of income. Agreements and contracts broken by COVID-19 can be replaced with new ones. The processes of digitization companies’ activities have resulted in the development of new beings that can potentially be your business partners? Let us help you to establish new collaborations!

COVID-19, and strategic consulting

The implementation of the developed strategy becomes difficult due to the COVID-19 pandemic? Let us adapt it to the current market realities. We will verify whether the implementation of the original assumptions will bring the expected results. If you are faced with the challenge of developing it from the beginning, ConQuest Consulting will help you adjust the company’s strategy to the current market situation.

COVID-19, and EU Grants

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, EU grants programs are still ongoing. Among others, these are grants supporting companies planning to enter foreign markets. ConQuest Consulting has many years of experience in the implementation of this type of projects, and the references which we receive confirm our client’s satisfaction! Additionally, in August 2020, starts the second round of submitting applications for funding SME internationalization. Its purpose is financing the costs of introducing products or services, of companies operating in eastern Poland, to new foreign markets