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Use the potential of data

Each company collects data – sales data, data of its customers, or internal data concerning employees, their working time, the incentive system, and many others. Sometimes their service and interpretation become burdensome and troublesome for the company’s employees.

Thanks to our cost optimization service, we will help you with organizing the collected data, visualizing it, and drawing conclusions that are the foundation for making more rational business decisions.

By enriching the service with the mapping process and its analysis, we will create a total picture of the company’s operations. That will allow us to make an objective assessment of the company’s activities and perhaps identify areas that efficiency may be increased. Additionally, the conducted training and implementation support will allow for a controlled implementation of the company’s action plan.

Additionally, the conducted training and deployment support will let to make a controlled implementation of the company’s development plan.

When you will decide to do the market research, we will establish a selected team of 30 specialists working in ConQuest Consulting and the support of our over 250 network partners that are active in the full spectrum of various markets, industries and specializations.

Our services support many clients in obtaining external financing, including EU programs. We provide consulting services in programs such as: Go to Brand, Grant 2.4.1


tick Cost Optimization Organizing and analyzing company data


tick Cost Optimization Creating a report that presents the conclusions of the activities carried out along with recommendations


tick Cost Optimization Formulate a cost optimization plan


tick Cost Optimization Preparing management and analytical training for the Contractor’s team

tick Cost Optimization Controlling the implementation of recommendations by updating recommendations or repeating selected elements of training


tick Cost OptimizationPrecise graphical representation of the processes taking place in the company. It allows to better understand and identify areas that should be optimized


tick Cost Optimization An organized database of a company


tick Cost Optimization A ready plan to increase revenues, reduce costs or improve the efficiency of the company’s operations


tick Cost Optimization Conducting training in the field adjusted to the needs of the contractor

tick Cost Optimization Support in implementing the developed action plan


The world of business is governed by access to information, both in the company’s environment and its interior structure and processes.
To make rational decisions and develop an efficient strategy of operation, it is crucial to understand the way the company operates, which, contrary to appearances, is not that obvious.

Cost optimization – the power of information

Often, companies only superficially rely on the data and information they have collected. Managing a company and making business decisions based on an incomplete understanding of the specificity of a given company in terms of the processes taking place in it and the data collected, e.g. financial issues and the lack of their proper interpretation, sometimes may lead to reducing the effectiveness of the company’s operations. To avoid such a situation, it is worth using the cost optimization service.
A cost optimization plan supported by developed training and implementation support may turn out to be a key factor in developing an aware business strategy that will allow you to gain or keep the desired market position. When you will decide to optimize costs with ConQuest Consulting Company, your company will receive both a comprehensive report and training support, thanks to which you can effectively plan your development.

Goals of cost optimization

The main purpose of the cost optimization service is to get a comprehensive picture of the company’s operation and to present a recommendation in the form of a company’s operational efficiency improvement plan, the implementation of which may change into increased revenues or lower costs. Developed training and implementation support, including in terms of:

Analysis of the client’s internal data (including MS Excel and/or other tools), Organizing and optimizing processes in the Principal’s company, in particular Time Management, Tasks Management,
Soft skills such as negotiating, managing, motivating,
their aim is increasing and complementing the qualifications of employees

Methods used in cost optimization

The cost optimization service is the result of multi-stage activities. In the first step, data about processes that go into the company are collected.
The obtained information is the basis for their graphic presentation prepared based on the relevant notation. The next step is organizing and visualizing the collected company data (e.g. in Excel). The next stage is developing conclusions and recommendations based on the activities carried out, the final product of which is a cost optimization plan.

The preparation of the staff for the implementation of recommendations takes place in the form of training courses in the offered thematic scope and extra implementation support. Conducting a reliable and comprehensive cost optimization service requires commitment and professionalism from the members of the ConQuest Consulting team.

Specialist knowledge in various fields, in-depth understanding of company processes, and an analytical approach to the obtained results will enable us to prepare a report and training service that may become the basis for increasing revenues, reducing costs, or improving the efficiency of the company.

When ConQuest Consulting starts cooperation, our team makes every effort to ensure that the obtained results are reliable and provide a comprehensive picture of the company’s operations.
During the implementation of the project, we engage selected employees and a group of experts whose task is to provide the best possible result of cooperation.

By mapping processes, organizing and analyzing data, as well as preparing recommendations, a business plan, and developing a training service, we enable entrepreneurs to shape the company’s future more effectively. We can also help you with market analysis.