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mkt Services - Consulting services


If you plan to expand into new markets or diversify your business, you should get to know the market environment in detail before making a decision.

As part of the market research, you will receive information on trends in the industry. Additionally, from the analysis of preferences of potential customers of your products, you will learn what customers expect from you.


The market research is complemented by the analysis of companies offering competitive solutions. We will provide you the information about the leading market players.
Completed best marketing or sales practices can be implemented in your company and increase your market share.
analiza-konkurencji Services - Consulting services
strona Services - Consulting services


The analysis of the company’s data is the basis for developing the company’s development strategy, planning the direction of its operations, and the cost optimization plan is an integral part of this. 

Our cost optimization service will help you increase revenue, reduce costs, and improve your company’s efficiency.

Searching for business partners

Have you ever wondered what kind of transactions your business competitors are conducting? We will provide you with detailed information on the export activities of your rivals.

Thanks to the help of ConQuest Consulting, the world will have no secrets for you!

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doradztwo-strategiczne Services - Consulting services


Strategic consulting, i.e., an in-depth analysis of your business’s functioning in a given market, will allow you to identify and optimize your decision-making process chain strengths. It will also enable you to implement innovative solutions and set new directions for development for your company. 

Thanks to strategic consulting, you will learn what activities you should carry out to achieve your market goals.


Are you planning to implement a service or product in new markets? Have you received EU funding for your business? We carry out comprehensive business analyses required in EU programs, Go to Brand, Internationalisation of SMEs, and Seal of Excellence.

We will provide you with detailed information about the market and its trends, conduct a thorough analysis of the competition, and indicate the methods and tools to develop your business effectively.

mmmm Services - Consulting services