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conquest | 2020-11-16

Written by Andreea Vilu, Marketing & Events Manager-in-Training at WBC UK As the lockdown, social distancing and working from home are becoming the new normal due to the COVID-19 pandemic, customer’s habits of buying and shopping have changed. Consumers are now adapting to different ways and they are forced to change their purchasing behaviour and […]

conquest | 2020-11-09

The Polish market is currently under rapid growth fuelled by thriving industries and services. It was one of the economies that kept increasing in value despite the financial crisis of 2008. It is currently the 8th largest economy in the European Union with a value of 529 bln EUR that keeps on growing year to […]

conquest | 2020-10-26

The Norwegian market The Norwegian economic system is an example of a mixed economy. It consists of the characteristics of both a free market economy and a prescriptive economy. Both the state and the private sector play a significant role in the functioning of the economic system of the Kingdom of Norway. This makes it […]

conquest | 2020-10-19

Kaizen came from the Japanese words Kai, which means “change” and Zen – “good”, which means “good change” in the Polish language. Kaizen consists of involving all employees of the unit, regardless of the level, in a constant search for ideas for improvement in all areas of the organization. Kaizen is not only a management […]

conquest | 2020-10-06

The environment of the company is a sum of the factors (processes, trends, and states). It is constantly changing and ruthlessly determining actions within the organization. But…why else should a company know the environment in which it operates? The environment of the company – everything and nothing? By clarifying the definition, we can divide it […]

conquest | 2020-09-21

If you ask yourself “Why should I do market research?” or “How can I benefit from it?” keep reading, you’ve come to the right place. We all know that we live in an era of information. Each of us is bombarded with hundreds of notifications and messages every day, but how much is the information […]

conquest | 2020-09-07

Poland is the largest economy in Central and Eastern Europe and the 6th largest in the entire European Union. Situated in the heart of the old continent, however, its economic potential is underestimated and the country as a whole is sometimes seen only through the prism of the neighbouring, highly developed Germany. But Polish market […]