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conquest | 2021-06-08

A competitive landscape analysis is a structured way of identifying and researching your competitors — for instance, your rival’s product offering, social media content, and marketing strategies to improve your own business. What is a competitive landscape analysis? It should cover topics: who your company’s competitors are, the products and services your competitors offer, your […]

conquest | 2021-05-26

You may be wondering how you can optimize your business to achieve its long-term goals – strategic planning may be the answer. What exactly is strategic planning, and why is it so important? Generally speaking, it is a formalized process of creating long-term tactics which aim at achieving the organization’s objectives. Strategic planning both highlights […]

conquest | 2021-05-17

Written by Francesca Sissa (Senior Marketing Consultant) at WBC UK Even if you don’t know what “personal branding” truly means, it is almost certain you have it already. In fact, it is what appears on Google when you search your name, what you share on social media, the posts/comments your friends tag you in, the […]

conquest | 2021-05-10

Do you have an interesting product or unique service, but you are still afraid to start your own business? Are you not sure if your idea will succeed? Many people do not take action because they do not know how to deal with such doubts. The solution is extremely simple – market analysis with very […]

conquest | 2021-05-05

Every successful organization, before getting down to its business, should answer a few essential questions: In what direction I want my organization to grow in the future? Who will be my customers, and what value is my organization going to bring them? What measures will my organization take to get this value to potential clients? […]

conquest | 2021-04-27

The economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 has depleted many businesses’ cash reserves. Although many countries reopened after initial shutdowns, some are reimposing restrictions, reigniting concerns around cash flow and the small businesses’ survival. That is why it is important to plan a budget wisely and to optimize cost by adjust its spending […]

conquest | 2021-04-20

Whether it concerns your personal life or your business, implementing changes and new ideas should be based on earlier, solid analysis, like for example market analysis. One of the most known ways to systemize your thoughts is conducting a SWOT analysis. At this point, you may think: what does SWOT stand for? The name of […]

conquest | 2021-04-12

Written by Olivia Rizzotto (Senior Marketing Consultant) at WBC UK In a business scenario dominated by the ever-increasing number of online sales, it is key to fully understand the shopping path undertaken by users in the digital space, and their decision-making process. Now more than ever, with the physical limitations entailed by the COVID -19 pandemic, […]

conquest | 2021-04-09

China is investing huge capital in foreign direct investment (FDI) in Europe and North America. In the record year 2017, it was about 100 billion USD! Chinese corporations focus mainly on acquiring technology, know-how, or well-known brands and the most talented employees. However, what is the situation of Chinese FDI to Poland? Is it an […]