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conquest | 2021-04-20

Whether it concerns your personal life or your business, implementing changes and new ideas should be based on earlier, solid analysis, like for example market analysis. One of the most known ways to systemize your thoughts is conducting a SWOT analysis. At this point, you may think: what does SWOT stand for? The name of […]

conquest | 2021-04-12

Written by Olivia Rizzotto (Senior Marketing Consultant) at WBC UK In a business scenario dominated by the ever-increasing number of online sales, it is key to fully understand the shopping path undertaken by users in the digital space, and their decision-making process. Now more than ever, with the physical limitations entailed by the COVID -19 pandemic, […]

conquest | 2021-04-09

China is investing huge capital in foreign direct investment (FDI) in Europe and North America. In the record year 2017, it was about 100 billion USD! Chinese corporations focus mainly on acquiring technology, know-how, or well-known brands and the most talented employees. However, what is the situation of Chinese FDI to Poland? Is it an […]

conquest | 2021-03-29

Many of us want to revolutionize the universe at some point in our lives. Or desire to bring new ideas to the world which has never seen the daylight before. These days, it is more popular to become the word entrepreneur when we talk about business. When we think about the person who is perceived […]

conquest | 2021-03-16

written by Joana Fabio, Junior Marketing Consultant at WBC UK. The internet was, undoubtedly, one of the most transformational innovations of the 20th century that continues and will most likely continue, to have repercussions in decades to come. Since its creation, the internet has altered, shaped, and reformed a plethora of aspects, from the most […]

conquest | 2021-02-25

The time of a crisis is when people try to cut costs and reduce seemingly unnecessary expenses. The moment of the crisis is also the time of opportunities and possibilities. Maybe it is time to stop being afraid of whether your company will withstand the crisis and start thinking about using it to your advantage […]

conquest | 2021-02-15

Written by Nidhi Saligram, Junior Marketing Consultant at WBC UK   It is no secret that the global newspaper industry has had a couple of difficult decades. People are spending less time on print media as digital and online media is easily accessible in real-time. It has been quite challenging for the industry to adapt […]

conquest | 2021-01-18

Your main competitors are lowering the price of their product – what strategy do you adopt? Do you reduce your cost, do you not respond, or do you start your promotion? What is a marketing strategy and why should you create one? A marketing strategy’s primary task is to differentiate your product to meet customer […]

conquest | 2021-01-15

Written by Lukas Dauksas, Junior Marketing Consultant at WBC UK   The ongoing pandemic has brought many unchangeable events to our daily lives and certainly changed some of our daily habits including working-out and shopping. From going to the gym every morning and meeting your friend for a coffee afterwards to having an online yoga […]