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conquest | 2021-01-18

Your main competitors are lowering the price of their product – what strategy do you adopt? Do you reduce your cost, do you not respond, or do you start your promotion? A marketing strategy’s primary task is to differentiate your product to meet customer needs best and gives you an advantage over your competitors. These […]

conquest | 2021-01-15

Written by Lukas Dauksas, Junior Marketing Consultant at WBC UK   The ongoing pandemic has brought many unchangeable events to our daily lives and certainly changed some of our daily habits including working-out and shopping. From going to the gym every morning and meeting your friend for a coffee afterwards to having an online yoga […]

conquest | 2021-01-11

Finding new business partners is one of the key factors in your B2B company growth. However, it is not a simple process. If you want to get new contracts, you have to know how to effectively approach this issue. Let’s have a look, how you can become a business partner for another company. Understand the […]

conquest | 2021-01-04

Would you like to build a system that effectively generates B2B leads? Wondering what the basis of such a system is? Above all, it is the awareness of how the preferences and behaviors of a modern customer change. Lead generation – uses technology, tools, and marketing strategies to increase interest in the offer, collect contact […]

conquest | 2020-12-28

Short-term cost-cutting measures have helped companies survive the ever-changing business landscape until 2020, but these rapid solutions could lead to a collapse in 2021. According to Gartner’s analysis, companies are reporting a 7.3% decrease in IT spending across all industries compared to the previous year. In perspective until 2021. Expenditure is expected to increase by […]

conquest | 2020-12-22

International markets represent a great opportunity for firms. Deciding to enter an external market could be a giant leap in each company’s development. Not only providing a higher base of consumers but also diversifying its client base. Almost all modern, successful corporations are already present in many markets. Providing services to customers from many countries […]

conquest | 2020-12-15

Written by Riccardo Petrachi, Marketing & Events Manager at WBC UK As a company’s meet-and-greet function, marketing’s most important job is to identify, engage with and convert customers into valuable assets that create long-term cash streams. This role has been upended during COVID-19. Marketers have had to rethink their strategies in an era of homebound […]

conquest | 2020-12-14

Someone who is deciding to set up their own business in Poland must choose their activity’s legal form. It has a significant impact on the costs of running the company, the way it is registered, taxation, and personal responsibility for the company’s obligations. The types of companies in Poland are similar to those in EU […]

conquest | 2020-12-07

Have you ever wondered how to find a business partner or investor, and if it is worth it? Gaining an investor might be crucial for your business, as it can help you grow and gain new opportunities, which would be impossible without external financing. Whether you think that looking for an investor for your business […]