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How to find the best business partner or investor?

How to find the best business partner or investor?

Have you ever wondered how to find a business partner or investor, and if it is worth it? Gaining an investor might be crucial for your business, as it can help you grow and gain new opportunities, which would be impossible without external financing. Whether you think that looking for an investor for your business might seem impossible or have just wondered how to find a business partner or investor, you have to read the following ideas.

How to find a partner in business?


Ask your family and friends

The first thing you should do when thinking of finding a business partner is to ask your family and friends for help. This is the most common way of partnering up, as these are the people you can trust. If you have ever heard about Apple, you know their founders’ history – Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak – they were friends too! The main drawback of having your friend or family member as a partner is that your bonds can worsen in case of potential business failures.

Take advantage of online networking

I am sure that you have heard about LinkedIn or a member of business-related Facebook groups. If you are looking for an investor or a business partner, the right way will be to take advantage of online networking. You can contact people knowledgeable in your niche or look for an angel investor who will be willing to invest in your project.

Join conferences and business-related meetups to find a business partner

One of the most common things people have in mind when thinking about finding a business partner or investor is to join conferences and business-related meetups. Even though you can meet many fascinating people and other entrepreneurs, you can also build your network by meeting other participants, who might turn out to be your potential partners or investors.

Take advantage of your city’s entrepreneurial community

If you are not keen on joining conferences or massive meetups, here is the thing for you. Search for business incubators and accelerators or university clubs in your city or nearby area. You can meet fascinating people with similar interests and entrepreneurial skills, who can become your business partners or investors.

Use crowdfunding platforms to find an investor

One of the best ways that made many business ideas fly is crowdfunding. If you still haven’t heard about it, this is a form of financing various projects by the community. Instead of having one or a few investors, the project can be funded by many one-time payments. While searching the Internet, you can stumble upon many platforms, where everyone can be an investor, such as Kickstarter, GoFundMe and Indiegogo to name just a few.

Finding a business partner – summary

Now, you know how to find a business partner. At first, try to contact people you know – your relatives or friends. Join meetups and conferences and connect with your local community. If you can’t get an individual investor, try crowdfunding – the general public may love your idea. Don’t waste your time and take action; your competition never sleeps!

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